Women's Wool Vests

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Cotton, flax: There are many fibers with deep roots in prehistory. One of the richest traditions — one that has helped farmers and herdsmen hew their fertile territories out of the wilderness — is the rearing of sheep and processing of their wool.

Since time immemorial, this fiber has been collected, spun, carded and refined with techniques passed from generation to generation. The result of this long-standing tradition is a number of different products and materials created from wool. We have collected some of the finest examples in our fabric library, from suit flannel to cozy cashmere. If you are accustomed to thinking of wool as a cuddly sweater material, you will be simply flabbergasted at the range of options available to you in this collection.

Wool flannel, for example, is nearly weightless — with an elegant drape and a superior softness rivaled only by a few fabrics. Cashmere, with its dense weave and legendary softness, is an excellent choice for winter months. Wool twills, such as herringbone and houndstooth, are classic men's suit patterns that have found their way into women's wardrobes over the last hundred or so years.

There's a story behind wool, to be sure — but the real story begins for you when you wear a high-quality vest made from this material for the first time. Get ready to take up your cozy, elegant and refined place in the eternal history of this sumptuous material.

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