Women's Silk Vests

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Before the crowned heads of Europe donned their silk raiment — before even the Ottoman sultans kept the secrets arts of silken brocade — the silkworm's mysterious fibers were being gathered, spun and dyed in forests and villages in Asia.

In search of materials for our vests, we traveled east to the birthplace of silk. We were certainly not disappointed in what we found. As you can see in this collection, we've brought back a stunning variety: brocade, dupioni, raw weave and ultra-smooth Thai dress silk. You can find something for any occasion — you just need to know what to look for.

Shimmering dress silks from Thailand are probably the most familiar. They are what most people associate with the fabric, sheer with a subtle play when they move. This is due to the refined weaving and coloring processes. The result is the sensuous, almost serpentine drape and soft, forgiving hand. Dupioni — a long-time formalwear favorite — is crisp with its characteristic slub, that forms small, eye-catching nubs along the weave. As for brocade, texture is the first idea that pops into mind, whether you are looking at the fabric or running your fingers across its surface. Raw silks are more substantial than dress silks — and therefore often reserved for classy casual occasions.

Just tell us know whichever one you choose, and we'll do the rest.

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