Women's Holiday-Christmas Vests

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What is a holiday gathering if not an excuse to show off your most resplendent garments and accessories? Crafting the perfect outfit to entice and entertain requires unique and exciting pieces — and our vests are the perfect options.

Every woman has her own reason to celebrate the thrill of the holiday season. Hannukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve parties — there is magic throughout it all. Whether you're selecting a gift for one of your favorite people or choosing something that will make a one-time statement you'll remember forever, we have the vest for you.

Each option is distinctive in its own way. Whether it's a fabulous silk or a shimmering brocade, we picked these magnificent fabrics out of thousands that we've seen in our travels all over the world. We offer the best of the best, and our tailors make sure that it's custom-sized to flatter your figure and heighten your ensemble.

All of our holiday vests have a special beauty that lies beyond the camera's power to capture. For some, it's the way they move and shift with the light. For others, it's a tempting texture that entices you to wear and touch. The best way to experience them is to hold them in your hands.

Any Fabric, Any Style, Any Size!