Women's Flower Print Vests

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Spring is in the air — and in our library of floral print fabrics. We've collected delightful prints, embroideries, weaves and brocades from all over the world. Be the fresh breath of air you want to see in the world by incorporating one of our custom-tailored vests featuring these fun tapestry, silk and high-quality cotton materials into your favorite wardrobe ensembles.

In the interest of fairness to the other seasons, we've included some autumn prints as well. There are also a couple of formal florals in our collection that you could wear any time of year. Choose the right one for each occasion, and you can show off your botanical inclinations anywhere, anytime — whether you're out on a stroll through a tulip garden in April or making your way across the ballroom floor on new year's eve.

We love the way our brights, pastels and jewel-tones look over an all-white pants-and-blouse look — with coordinating accessories and shoes, of course. One of the nicest things about these colorful florals is the versatility — you can look fabulous while matching with any of the colors in the design. You'll also enjoy playing around with the earth tones and neutrals. They mix and match nicely with other neutrals and blacks. They also happen to be an excellent complement to that classic relaxed look: jeans and a long-sleeved white top.

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