Women's Faux Suede Vests

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Leather vests evoke all kinds of ideas — ranch lifestyle, a pioneering attitude and a strong relationship with nature. The faux suede and shearling fabrics in this collection are the perfect way to add that touch of country style to your favorite outfits. You'll want to wear some of these every day, and others will add flair for special occasions.

Even if you have seen and worn imitation leathers before, you're going to be as amazed as we were when you touch these for the first time. The resemblance to natural suede is uncanny in terms of softness. In fact, it's probably even better than the natural product. Faux leather is easier to clean, it's lighter and you can get it in some amazing colors.

Pick the right combination of fabric and cut, and faux suede can do it all. Choose plain black for a dressy yet toned-down stand-in for velvet — you'll love how it showcases your jewelry and flatters your figure. Mix a textured or stitched tan with other earth tones for a relaxed, country-western feeling that makes jewel-tone accents pop — think turquoise, beads or scarves. If you don't see the combination you're looking for, chances are that we can make it for you — contact us with your ideas and we'll make it happen together.

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