Women's Faux Fur-Mink Vests

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It seems almost too good to be true that the legendary softness and opulent appearance of furs are now available to almost anyone who wants them. In fact, there is a small catch: You have to know what you're looking for when you select a quality faux fur. The finest imitation materials are nearly indistinguishable from natural animal furs, but fabrics of this quality are few and far between.

We have seen hundreds of faux furs and rejected hundreds in our quest for material that meets our standards for lushness, comfort and distinctiveness. So far, we have only found a handful of options that fit our standard of high quality.

We think you'll agree with our assessment that these distinctive faux furs go beyond simple imitation to become a fabulous new product in and of themselves. With all the beauty of fur, they also offer much easier care and storage than the true animal alternatives. We also think that they are much more comfortable for the wearer, as they have a lighter weight than some natural products.

The best way to understand how beautiful and lustrous these fabrics truly are is to touch them yourself. Photographs simply don't do justice — you only have to hold them in your hands to believe the accuracy of the imitation.