Women's Dressy Vests

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With precisely the amount of elegance for any number of situations, these vests — in their array of fabrics, colors and patterns — will complete your dressed-up looks. A great outfit is perfected by the accessories you choose. To that end, we put together a hand-picked selection of some of our finest options to make your choice easier.

You look for refinement in a vest, one of the first choices you will probably make is the fabric. When denims, twills and corduroys are not quite elegant enough for the occasion, the velvets, brocades and embroidered silks will certainly suffice. It's these visual and textural details — characteristics present in the very weave of the material — that underscore your choices of jewelry, footwear and other accessories, such as scarves and shawls.

For texture that offsets neutrals and blacks, we recommend you try embroidered or brocaded silks. These choices go well with filigree jewelry. Velvet and velveteen, on the other hand, are rich backgrounds on which you might display cut gemstones or other accent pieces. Think about printed silk if you're layering this with other patterns and textures, as these eye-catching pictorial or floral elements often create a focal point for your entire ensemble.

Regardless of what you end up choosing from this category, it is unlikely that you will ever feel underdressed wearing any of these options.

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