Women's Business Vests

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These days, your clothes do more than communicate your sense of style. They also confirm you as a dedicated professional. These elegant, practical fabrics made a great impression on us —they'll do the same for your coworkers and clients. These vests may not necessarily light up the room or sparkle in the spotlight, but they make a bold statement that demands attention and commands respect.

The foundation of this category on power is classic wool and silk suit partials. We've combined our beautiful raw silk selection, dyed in various vibrant colors, with our wool flannels and twill wool weaves, such as herringbone houndstooth and pinstripe. These well-established classics are likely to form the core of your business outfits.

Branching out from there, we have included some showier options. When your position or situation demands that you be noticed, you might reach for brocade, satin or fabric with a vibrant decoration, such as a paisley print.

The wiser among us may decide that comfort is just as important a consideration as style — that's why we have included some of our roomy, flowing long vests. These look fabulous incorporated into a wide variety of power looks, as they accentuate the shoulders and flatter the figure. Your style, your career: They meet together here in our business vest selection.

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