Women's Animal Print Vests

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Earth tones are rich and beautiful, but ofttimes they need to be accented to help them stand out. Sometimes, this means a beautiful fabric such as a velvet or crushed chenille. Other times we may tie in the effect of an earth tone with beads or gemstones. Here, we have another example of how to unleash the wildness of nature — animal prints.

This exciting collection of vests represent the perfect opportunity to unleash your wild side in a refined and elegant manner. The opulence of these prints goes well with jewel-tone colors, neutrals, other earth tones and blacks. If you are feeling bold, you might even experiment with patterns for an eye-catching effect. Simple geometrics serve best, so reach for your horizontal stripes and polka dots.

More often than not, you will probably want to combine these prints in a dressed-down dressed-up casual jeans-and-blouse look. However, they look just as elegant when you incorporate them into your evening attire.

Before you order, keep in mind that many of these prints also have a sumptuous physical textural element to them as well. Whether you have a rich brocade, super-soft chenille or a refined tapestry fabric, these materials entertain the fingertips just as much as they do the eye.

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