Ten Shades of Black

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Long evenings and distinguished occasions call for the simplicity and elegance of black. This collection features some of our most exciting, most refined vest fabrics, so you can see the true range of the most classic neutral. If you have ever thought black was the slightest bit boring, a simple look at the unique textures and fine fabrics showcased here is sure to change your mind.

For example, take a look at the velvet options. Although they are stunning in the photographs, try to imagine an intimate occasion with low light playing sensuously across the innumerable soft fibers of the garment's surface. The light ripples and curves, mysteriously accentuating your natural figure while the flattering black color provides a refined visual effect.

The visual interest of patterns also is hard to communicate in photos. For example, houndstooth appears gray from far away and reveals its pattern in a tantalizing and eye-catching way as the viewer approaches you. The same can be said about other twill variations, such as herringbone. Wear these for a subtle yet mesmerizing visual effect.

Keep in mind that this is simply a handpicked selection of the many types of black fabrics that we carry. You will find all manner of silks, wools and fine cottons to suit your needs as you browse our extensive inventory.

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