Tunic Vests

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When the weather cools down, you will be grateful that you have one of these tunic-style vests to complete your winter outfits. These cozy, useful and beautiful garments are bound to become your favorite layer based on their comfort alone.

We drew our inspiration from the traditional tunic, but our vests have some significant upgrades. For example, a sturdy zipper closure lets you adjust your amount of insulation easily, perfect for those fall and spring days when the weather warms up or cools off unexpectedly. We also have some shearling and wool options that will help keep you warm even on the coldest winter evenings.

The key concept with this type of vest is comfort, but these tunics also have a wonderful long line that flatters your figure. You will love the easy, slimming look you get when you pair these long-cut vests with jeans or black tights. Keep yourself warm without adding a lot of visual bulk to your look.

These are usually worn as everyday, outdoorsy types of vests. However, a simple fine black wool would be more than suitable for dinner or the office during winter. Pair it with silver, pearl or gold jewelry, add other black pieces and voila — you have a comfortable, refined and appropriate outfit for nearly any occasion.

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