Longer & More Comfortable Vests

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Some of the most enjoyable weather of the year is also the hardest to dress for. You want to be layered up enough to avoid the chill when you're starting out on a crisp spring morning. However, you don't want to bundle up so much that you become overheated as the day wears on.

We created these longer, comfy vests with the changing weather in mind. We also cut them for a fuller, mature figure. Take part in all that spring and autumn have to offer and look fabulous while doing so.

We have selected some of the most popular, softest fabrics for these vests. Think of them as starting points — this collection will give you an idea of how this versatile cut can move from the walking trail to the boardroom with panache. If you have other ideas, or if you see the fabric you would love to wear in a more flowing and flattering cut, then reach out to us about our custom tailoring options.

There are few things as comforting as slipping on these unbelievably soft corduroys or smooth faux suedes over your favorite outfit before you head out on your day's adventures. Our vests are even cozier then they look — a photograph simply does not do them justice.

Any Fabric, Any Style, Any Size!