Longer Fitted Vests

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A longer cut is an excellent choice if you've experienced any trouble incorporating vests into your outfits in the past. The extended line in this cut is generally more flattering, and the length can help your vest work with a wide variety of tops and dresses. You'll find yourself reaching for these vests whenever you need an extra layer to add interest to your ensemble — or when you want to stave off some of the seasonal chills of spring or winter.

While many of our fabrics can be made into these longer vests, we've chosen some of the most impressive ones to show to you in this collection. You'll notice that our high-quality faux furs are heavily represented here, as are many casual fabrics, such as faux suede and cotton. These are all ideal for adding pizzazz to the classic jeans-and-a-shirt look.

One of the things we would suggest you consider when putting together a vest-based look is to try wearing long-sleeved tops underneath. This often preserves the long line of these generously cut vests and gives a more expressive quality to your ensemble.

A vest with flowing length adds a soft femininity and attractive style to even the most basic combinations. Wear these to breathe new life into some of your most familiar and comfortable outfits.

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