Collared Vests

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For a little extra formality, a collar on your vest is just the thing. You can add this enhancement to any of our standard sizes of almost any fabric of men's vest in our catalog for a slight extra tailoring charge. We offer a variety of lapels and collars, including both a notch and shawl style for men.

One of the most obvious benefits of having a lapel on your vest is that you look just as formal with and without a jacket. It's the perfect accessory for gentlemen who like to take off their coat and roll up their sleeves before they get to work in the office or out on the dance floor. The recommendation we would offer if you are creating this look is to match the lapel style of your jacket and your vest.

If you want a more casual, everyday look, the collared vest could still be for you. We would lean towards our faux-suede for this particular application, as it evokes a distinctive cowboy charm when worn with jeans and a smart cotton shirt.

Ladies, you can also get a more refined look with a collar. Pick through the variety of styles that we have — they are a breezy alternative to jackets or shawls when the weather or the situation calls for another layer.

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