Striped Patterned Vests

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Wearing stripes is one of the easiest and most classic ways to shape your figure when wearing a vest. The strong vertical lines draw the eye up and down your figure, making you look taller and slimmer. Because these patterns are so useful on so many occasions, we have included a large variety of fabrics for you to choose from.

We would suggest you consider a metallic stripe or a satin-smooth material if you're planning for a major event or you're looking for formal attire. These options go well with the opulence of eveningwear, and they complement most fine jewelry. Look for our brocades when you want something that shines on formal occasions.

Stripes are also a classic element of business suits. As such, we have a variety of fine wool vest fabrics from Italy and elsewhere. These conservative, distinguished garments will give an extra infusion of credibility to your professional workplace attire.

Finally, lighter striped patterns have a long history of summertime use. If you are looking to have a picnic in the park or go on a stroll along the boardwalk, then there's nothing better than a seersucker, flat cotton weave or linen for your outfit. The breathability and ease of care of these materials both make them perfect choices for looking smart in the heat. These fabrics add an unmistakable classic flair to any summertime ensemble.

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