Solid Patterned Vests

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Solid prints and weaves may seem relatively basic, but there is a mountain of artistry that goes into creating one of these fine fabrics. For example, each thread in a cloth is often dyed individually. If not, a dying process may use many dips into the vat before the correct color level is achieved.

The result of all of this work is a deep, even and rich color that stands up to light exposure and washing alike. Especially for some of the traditional textiles we offer, there are simply no shortcuts taken to get you this time-honored level of quality.

Of course, there is much more available to you in our solid section than simple weaves in single colors. You will see a variety of exciting textures, materials and finishes that add the unique and interesting details you want to many outfits. Any one of these could transform your look entirely.

A solid color is a classic choice that's great for first-time vest buyers, but there's plenty in this catalog to help deepen an already expansive wardrobe. Whatever you choose, whether it is one of our faux-suede tunics or a smart wool flannel vest, you can't go wrong with these bold options.

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