Plaid Patterned Vests

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Line by line and thread by thread: That's how the artisan weavers who create our fine plaids make these marvelous designs. It is a tribute to the pattern's complexity that, although every sett is composed of simple straight lines, plaid still has the ability to provide a great depth of color and visual interest to your wardrobe.

Plaid is beautiful, but there is more to this textile than meets the eye. For example, many setts have a story behind them. You'll find a few of the most famous in our inventory, including an authentic Blackwatch plaid. The superior softness of many of these fabrics is also something you will have to touch in person to understand — it is a texture so luxuriant that is difficult to communicate in a photograph or description.

We often recommend the fine, super-soft authentic Scottish plaids for holiday parties and refined, relaxed occasions, but many people love to wear them casually or formally as well. For a more substantial, everyday vest that still has plenty of dapper refinement, we would recommend one made with true Harris tweed. This fabric comes from a thicker yarn than many of our other options do, so it works well in indoor and outdoor settings alike.

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