Paisley Print Vests

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There's a lot to love about the rich design of Paisley — the way you can catch people's eye when wearing this intricate, undulating pattern, for example. The detail also gives you a perfect background for building an outfit using the attention-grabbing compositional techniques of contrasting colors, brocade or tapestry weaving. Add metallic thread to sparkle in any company and in any situation. It's an excellent fabric for interesting, fashionable vests for both men and women.

The term "Paisley" may have originated in Scotland, but the pattern itself obviously has little to do with any of the fine plaids or twills that were historically produced in the British Islands. That's because, while the Scottish town of Paisley was a center for fabrics produced with this design, the iconic teardrop shape came to the west from India.

We love a big, bold Paisley as a focal piece for an outfit, but we have also included a few vests that have patterned linings in them. Use one of these to create an outwardly subdued ensemble with a touch of classic flash hiding underneath. You could pair these with vintage jewelry and solid neutral base pieces, opening a few buttons to highlight the print. Use colored scarves for a maximum-impact look when wearing the vest open to show off the lining.

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