Houndstooth Weaved Vests

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Houndstooth weaves are among the more complex twill variations. Traditional checked versions use each individual strand of the weave to create the pattern, but a larger graphic houndstooth will sometimes use a series of interlocking strands to provide the overall effect. You might also see a single fabric with different sizes of checks, such as is present in classic windowpane weaves.

Our collection includes some of the world's most renowned finest fabrics, such as authentic Harris tweed. Vests made from this warm, water resistant material have long been favored for all manner of outdoors activities. A finer-threaded material may be better suited for office or formal ensembles that need a splash of robust personality.

These energetic, spinning checks have also found themselves incorporated into ladies' business and casual outfits. Big is the name of the game when it comes to choosing a houndstooth for women that really stands out from the crowd. Finer checks are also appropriate, but they are considerably more subdued. In fact, from a distance, a small black-and-white houndstooth looks almost exactly like a solid gray. The fun comes when people start to approach you and the pattern emerges, drawing attention directly to you. Let us craft your new favorite suit piece specifically to your measurements today.

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