Herringbone Woven Vests

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Of all the fine fabrics in our inventory, it would be difficult to choose a favorite. We've traveled all over the world to find the best examples of each category. However, we believe that our wool fabrics are among our finest. Many of them are authentic products imported directly from Scotland and Italy.

Herringbone is a classic wool weave, a zigzag adaptation of the twill you find in more familiar everyday fabrics, such as denim. Alongside from traditional sheep's wool, this woven pattern is also used with several other materials and techniques. As you can see here, we have found a variety of lovely materials to fill out this category, such as tapestry, corduroy and super-smooth blends.

Herringbone weaves have a special characteristic in that they are often very smooth and soft to the touch.

With the exception of material woven with very large yarn, the directional, tight weave of this pattern makes it drape beautifully, accentuating your form and providing absolute comfort. Herringbone also special in that, when it is created with contrasting threads, it has a mesmerizing visual effect that catches the eye in a classic, refined manner.

The combination of visual interest and pure tactile pleasure is something you simply must witness in person to fully appreciate. Let us take your measurements today and show you exactly how exceptional these fabrics are.

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