Floral Print Vests

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Spring, summer and even fall call for floral prints and motifs. Even if there's no such thing as a vest for all seasons, you'll find at least one option for each type of weather here in our catalog. Apart from matching the designs to the natural environment, you might also want to think about coordinating your fabrics with the changing temperatures.

We have many of our bright summer prints available in the medium-weight, breathable cotton fabric we love so much for those hot times of the year. This is one of our top choices for late spring and early autumn as well — a vest adds a little warmth that can be augmented with a nice scarf or shawl.

We also have a few heavier options that we think are perfect for brightening up those long winter nights. Reach for one of our plush, insulating double-weave tapestries when you need a breath of flowery-fresh air to awaken your cold-weather outfits from their hibernation.

Florals can also make their way into your formal attire. We have some positively stunning brocade fabrics that would complement any tuxedo. We also carry some select velvets in luscious colors that feel as sumptuous as they look. Whatever you choose, we will alter it to your specific measurements when you order.

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