Checked Patterned Vests

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One of the nicest things about a checkered pattern is its ability to catch the eye without being too ostentatious. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast between the two colors of the check pattern, the more of an optical effect viewers will get as they approach you. All of our checkered fabrics have a certain amount of visual texture to them, but they are also each unique in a significant way.

Comparing our wool checkered vests in photographs, you might think that they are the almost the same. When you hold both a Harris tweed and an authentic imported Italian wool in your hands, you will know instantly that the two fabrics couldn't possibly be less similar.

The major difference is the type of yarn used to create the material. Tweeds are generally made with thicker yarn woven together in a tight pattern. The trapped air and the unique properties of the fibers give tweed its legendary outdoors practicality while retaining the natural softness and warmth of wool.

Italian suit wools are something else entirely. The fibers are heavily refined before they are woven, and the thread count is generally higher than tweed. The result is a smooth, soft fabric that drapes beautifully.

You would recommend wearing tweed when you expect to wear rougher outergarments carpets, and an Italian wool when you expect to wear dress clothes with satin, smooth silk or polyester linings.

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