Animal Print Vests

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In cloth making, the fundamental forces of nature are harvested, processed and strengthened, and then woven, thread by thread, into a finished product. These animal prints take to process back full circle to connect with the wild, natural origins of weaving. We are confident that they will also bring out the wild side in any of your outfits.

You have a variety of options here for animal prints. Some of your choices may not be immediately apparent from simply looking at the patterns themselves.

For example, if you choose a tapestry vest, then you should expect a slightly heavier vest as your finished product. Tapestry is double woven and, while this does allow for the intense, complex graphical effect that you see here, it doesn't part a bit more body to the fabric than other weaving methods.

Chenille, on the other hand, is supremely soft and should drape nicely. It is one of the softest fabrics available, often compared to velvet in terms of sheer comfort.

We also have a cotton print available that is much more breathable than any of the other options. Cotton is one of the essential summertime fabrics come in and our lightweight, high-quality stock makes some of the most eye-catching garments you will ever see. Once you've made your choice, make your special requests — we'll start the tailoring process immediately.

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