Vests by Print

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As you look through our vast selection of prints, you will realize right away that there is an option for every individual. The wide variety that we offer can be shown through the many ways of rendering a pattern or an image onto our high-quality fabric. Nearly every method is represented here in our catalog.

Each print method has its own unique benefits. Designs that are woven into fabric thread by thread include woven plaids, other twill variations, tapestry and brocade. Tapestry is often the most complex in terms of graphic designs, while our rich brocade threads are added to strengthen and embellish the weave.

Motifs are added by a secondary artisan with additional thread after the initial cloth is finished. The most common example of this is embroidery, although there can also be beads stitched into some of the fabrics. Other fabrics are printed with additional dyes after they are woven; solid colors belong to this family of prints.

All of these notable choices make our vests worthy to complement your personal style. Whichever print you choose for your handmade vest, it is sure to please and make a statement. We are always available to discuss the specifics of the fabric we use to make our vests — contact us today with any questions.

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