Wool Vests

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We love all of the fabrics in our collection, but our selection of wool is outstanding even among all of these quality options. From cozy, textured weaves to authentic Blackwatch plaid, you are sure to find a fabric in our wool selection that completes the look you are trying to create.

For formal occasions, such as casual, everyday wear or friendly gatherings, we like our fun, colorful weaves for ladies or smart, durable tweeds for gentlemen. Cashmere blends are also a fine addition to a winter wardrobe. Many of these casual options may translate quite nicely into office wear, but our flannels and pinstripes are definitely more appropriate for the boardroom. Depending on the occasion, our high-quality, authentic Scottish plaids might the appropriate for eveningwear. Many of these fabrics are so smooth and soft — it's the result of the authentic, traditional carding and weaving processes used to craft them.

Wool is also a perfect material for the holidays. It's cozy, soft and it offers superior insulation, even in its most refined forms. That's why we've included a range of festive fabrics that will brighten any family gathering. We cut and fit these vest specifically for you, once you select a size, we will send email immediately — or just call us to get the process started.