Velvet Vests

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There is so much more to velvet then you can see in a photograph. First, there's the softness. The lush pile of fine fibers that populates the surface of these supple fabrics yields to your hand as you drag your fingers across the cloth. Then, there is the way that a custom tailored vest made of velvet conforms to your natural line and accentuates your form in the most flattering way possible. Velvet's ability to drape over a human figure is almost legendary, rivaled by very few fabrics in the world. Finally, there is the way that each individual strand catches the light as you move. Even the deepest blacks have a reflective sheen, something that gives these fabrics a mysterious scintillating appearance — almost as if you are wearing water.

We think that the classics are always best when it comes to pairing with velvet. You can never go wrong with a diamond brooch on a velvet vest. Other cut gemstones will also pop, especially against black, so bring out your rubies, sapphires or any other polished stone.

You may have noticed a preponderance of women's styles. Many materials have a much more established history in men's fashion than does velvet, which only really comes into play in ceremonial garments. We tend to recommend fine-wale corduroys or soft flannels for gentlemen who want something with this cozy, warm and sumptuous texture.