Twill Vests

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If you are new to the custom-clothing world, you may not be familiar with all of the terms. However, we would wager that, even if you haven't heard of twill before, you've worn it on more than one occasion. It's the weave that makes many of America’s most popular fabrics, such as denim and chino.

Technically, these are just the simple twills that do not fit into another one of our other categories. Generally speaking, these vests use a lighter thread than our denim options. Expect a soft and supple fabric that falls much closer to your natural line than would material made from thicker yarns.

These are all excellent choices for casual occasions. Since they are mostly made of a breathable medium-weight cotton, they are excellent for hot weather wear. If you take a look at some of the options, you will also see that many of them have interesting details, such as patterned linings and contrast stitching. Since we custom-tailor your vest for you, please consider these as style suggestions. These are all elements we will happily change if you let us know — we think this material looks just as dashing with matching liners, buttons and stitching.