Tweed Vests

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Whether you are out on a foxhunt or taking your daily constitutional, a tweed vest, and possibly a matching overcoat, are items de rigeur for the classically dapper outdoorsman. With deep roots in Scotland and Great Britain, this fabric is practically emblematic of gentlemanly pursuits in nature.

There is tweed, and then there is our tweed. Our personal connections with Scottish and English weavers allow us to provide you with the absolute finest tweeds in the world. Several of these fabrics, such as Harris tweed, border on legendary.

The vests we make impart all of the refinement and function of the fabric, heightened by our master tailor's eye for cut and measurement.

You will love our selection for each material's superior softness, durability and natural resistance to moisture. All versions of this fabric have these qualities to a degree. However, few are as naturally lightweight and water-repellent as the materials we have selected for our catalog.

You will impress in any casual situation you choose, due to the wide range of colors and weave patterns. We have houndstooth and some variations thereof, along with several multicolored simple weaves, plaids and checks. Complete your casual outdoors look today with a cozy wool tweed vest tailored just for you.