Tapestry Vests

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Bring art to life with your every movement when you wear vests made from these unique and distinctive tapestry fabrics. While tapestries are often considered as wall hangings, we use the term here to refer to a unique category of garment fabrics we have found. They're characterized by their double weave that lets the artisan create intricate graphic patterns on the material's surface.

Unlike printed cloth, these tapestry vests have the designs woven into the pattern. This provides a unique fabric where, if you look closely, you can see each individual strand of thread weaving in and out to create the effect. Additionally, some tapestry fabrics are further enhanced by printing, brocade or embroidery.

You'll find a range of motifs in this section, from musical designs to geometric patterns — and everything in between. The one thing they all have in common is that they make a definitive statement. Any one of these vests could be your new favorite focal piece.

Consider this category when you want to make an impact. Shining gold and vibrant designs are standard for this opulent, regal material. The work that goes into weaving these patterns is substantial and it shows in the finished pieces. Let us tailor one to your exact measurements and specifications today.