Silk Vests

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What do our understated neutrals, shimmering vestment fabrics and festive floral prints all have in common? The answer: they are all made of silk. This versatile, mysterious fabric has been used to craft ceremonial and opulent garments for thousands of years. At one point, it was reserved for royalty and nobility. Now, advances in harvesting and weaving mean you can have a vest made with any of our silk fabrics, custom-tailored to your exact fit.

One of the first things you should think about when selecting from this section of our catalog is the effect you want to achieve with your vest. For formal occasions, you might reach for dupioni silk, as it has long been an element of fine women's ballroom attire. In fact, many of our men's vests may be backed with this fabric.

For a slightly more natural and casual appearance, we suggest un-boiled silks. Thick yarns and basket weaves accentuate the natural slubbing of the raw thread. For extra visual complexity that's perfect for focal pieces, select one of our fine brocades or embroidered materials. Finally, a dress silk would give you the gentle drape and super-smooth hand that are arguably the characteristics most popularly associated with silk fibers.

Simply choose the material you like, and we will work with you to make the best fit possible. Email or complete an order now, and we will start the process immediately.