Seersucker Vests

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Besides denim — a fabric we also offer in a variety of high-quality vests — seersucker might be the most iconic American cotton weave. Even though it's not originally from the USA, it gained its current popularity here as an easy-to-maintain and distinctly summery suit fabric. Especially for Southern ladies and gentlemen, seersucker has been in indispensable element of the wardrobe during hot days for over a hundred years.

Perhaps the most famous seersucker vest is the one worn by Gregory Peck in the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird". You won't see many scenes of Atticus Finch doing laundry in the movie, partly because his suit would not have required any pressing. This simplicity of care was one of the first selling points of the fabric, and the benefit continues today. You really do not have to do much work at all to look consistently dapper wearing a seersucker vest.

Ladies and gentlemen alike will enjoy combining these vests with other seersucker pieces in their wardrobe. White or striped pastel slacks, skirts and jackets all go perfectly with these accessories. As far as the other elements of your wardrobe are concerned, a pocket square and a knit or informal tie will do just fine for the gentleman. Ladies might consider a chic neck bow. Light-colored shirts and shoes are in order for anyone who wears seersucker — and, depending on the occasion, it's even acceptable for a gentleman to wear seersucker with no-show socks.