Raw Silk Vests

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Silk is most often associated with a sense of exotic refinement. It's true that certain methods of treating silk fibers generate an exceptionally supple and shimmering fabric. However, there's much more to this traditional material than smoothness and shine.

Take a look through our collection of high-quality raw silk; you will immediately see the difference in between this type of fabric and our lustrous, formal silks. The reason lies in the preparation process for the silken fibers. What you get here is much closer to the natural beauty of the silk cocoons, including the irregular slubbing, heavy texture and natural sheen characteristic of the unspun threads.

All of these vests have a natural feel to them, as the slight irregularities in the fabric make every garment unique. The same time, we have selected only the finest cloth. That means we looked for even thread quality, superior strength and a rich, permanent dye.

These vests, especially the neutral-colored fabrics, are ideal for upscale casual outfits. The light will play across the vest due to the natural luster of silk, but the thick yarns and complex weaves play a counterpoint to this natural, shimmering quality. The result is a beautiful and sophisticated balance between nature and opulence.