Linen Vests

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Linen, cotton, jute and sisal are among the world's most important plant fibers. Among them, linen is unique in its strength, breathability and comfort. It has long been a summertime or hot weather favorite, often most beautiful when bleached or left to retain its natural neutral tones.

For men, the most classic the use of the linen vest would be as part of a full linen suit. This look encapsulates an old-world summertime air. Before people could go into air conditioning to beat the heat, they wore these dapper, breathable outfits to stave off in the brutal southern weather. A natural or cream linen will give you the most authentic effect, especially if you go from pressed in the morning to slightly rumpled by the time you're ready to change into your dinner clothes.

Of course, many people in the contemporary fashion world still value linen for it natural look and reasonable qualities. Embellished linens and designer blends have made their way into men's and women's wardrobes alike. You will see these trends represented in our specialty weaves and embroidered materials.

We have gathered this particular stock from around the world, selecting for superior quality and softness. Even so, all linen takes a little time before it achieves the comfy soft drape that you expect. If you want to accelerate the process, give your vest a couple of washes before you wear it and avoid starching.