Faux Suede Vests

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There's nothing quite like suede — except for our fine faux suedes, of course. We have put together a truly distinctive collection of imitation leathers that equal or exceed the natural products in terms of softness and durability.

There is the art to selecting fabrics, just as there is a technique and skill in crafting them into our beautiful vests. We have to really get to know each material intimately. We have to understand the way a fabric drapes over a person's form, its ability to retain its beauty over the long term and, of course, its final appearance when worked into a garment. We considered many faux suede and leathers before finally selecting this unique set of options.

After we determined which of the materials available were of high enough quality to incorporate into our catalog, we started looking for the fun colors and unique patterns you see here. Whether you want the distinctive flash of a brilliant hue or the scintillating curl of a complex pattern, we have something here for you.

Of course, many of these choices are simply divine for your casual, everyday outfits — pair them with jeans and a favorite shirt. You choose the material, and we'll make sure it's tailored to your precise measurements.