Faux Fur Vests

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What if you could own furs — without the hassles of seasonal storage and cleaning? The fur vest is a classic element of the winter wardrobe, and these faux alternatives are ready to provide the warmth and fluff you seek.

We know that there are many different grades of faux furs out there — we've seen them all in our quest for materials that meet our standards. With no offense meant to any of the options we've excluded from our collection, these are among the most luscious, warm and opulent furs we have found — faux or natural.

You can see from the photo a small representation of how well the light plays across each individual strand in these fabrics. What you can't see is the playful shimmer of the surface as you move or the charming way that flakes of snow gather at the tips of each hair. Of course, the absolute softness and instant warmth of the vests is something you'll also have to experience in person to fully appreciate.

These garments thoroughly dispel the myth that one must sacrifice comfort for beauty. We've found them both here with these faux fur fabrics. Let us complete your winter wardrobe by tailoring one of these vests just for you.