Denim Vests

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First, it was the fabric of choice of coal miners. Then, it became an essential go-to garment for rock stars and other similar characters. Now, denim has taken its place in the boardroom — even CEOs are starting to adopt a relaxed, down-to-earth look. Regardless of when and where you choose to wear it, denim is inarguably evocative of pioneering American spirit.

That said, we have gone out of our way to include some distinctive denims in our collection. While we do have the classic range of indigo blues, we've also incorporated some special weaves and interesting shades into your options. Since denim is a twill weave, it's a simple matter to create classic patterns, such as pinstripe.

One thing you should consider when purchasing your vest is the weight you would prefer. The quality fibers in our medium denims are substantial. While the fabrics are quite soft, they do not fall across your line the same way as our wool or silk vests. However, our dressier options are just as smooth as you would expect a fine silk to be. Often, it is simply a matter of finding the right combination for your outfit. These vests match perfectly with other denim pieces, khakis or oxford weaves.