Cotton Vests

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Versatile and beautiful, cotton has always been one of the world's favorite fibers. Of course, cotton fabrics come in all types of weaves, colors and qualities. We have traveled all over to bring you together a collection of some of the finest, most exciting materials from the entire world.

Many of these vests are well suited for fun, casual wear. You will find a range of options for both men and women that span every mood, from dapper to jubilant.

If you are looking for something to light up a springtime event, there are plenty of florals and pastels. Evening meetings or somber occasions may call for a black twill. For casual everyday wear, a denim vest might do the trick.

One of the wonderful things about cotton is that you can wear it all year round in at almost any occasion. In these medium-weight cloths, cotton is great material for a shirt-and-vest breezy ensemble or a more complex, layered look. Make sure to pay special attention to the liner materials for these vests. Sometimes this simple choice transforms the garment into something truly distinctive.

If you see a fabric you love, contact us to talk about the cut and fit you need. We will email you as soon as you make your order to collect your measurements, making sure your custom vest is truly tailored just for you.