Corduroy Vests

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There are many things that symbolize autumn. Fallen leaves, crisp air and boughs laden with apples — and corduroy, of course. If any fabric truly evokes fall, it is this comfortable, casual cousin of velvet.

You'll notice that we have a variety of types of corduroy. You can generally determine the formality of the fabric by the wale. Sinner strips of the velvety plush make for a finer, more uniform appearance. Especially in menswear, these finer strips are generally associated with a higher level of refinement. They're softer, shinier and they can have a almost scintillating effect as you move. These fine-wale corduroys are a step away from velvet in terms of sheer opulence, but they will still impart a regal appearance for any outfit you choose.

We have also picked up some unique corduroy fabrics in our travels across the world. We have seen thick-pile, wide-wale and patterned corduroys. Keep an eye out for vests that utilize these distinctive materials to their fullest potential.

Whether you are planning on relaxing with a good book or making an impact at a autumn event, these fabrics are an excellent choice to keep you warm and stylish in your endeavors. Make your order and let us know about any special ideas you have. Together, we can make a vest that suits your purposes, fits you perfectly and expresses your personality.