Cashmere Vests

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Cashmere is among the finest natural fibers in the world, especially when it comes to softness and warmth. That's why we simply had to have a few cashmere wools in our collection for you to choose from.

The hard part about buying cashmere online is that a photo really doesn't tell you much about the fabric. You can see the tiny soft fibers that give cashmere its distinctive hand, but only on the swatch images for the lighter colors. You can see the evenly distributed colors that come from a high-quality dying process. However, much of what makes cashmere unique is only apparent when you hold it in your hands for the first time.

Because it's so soft rich and warm, we love these cashmeres for winter and late fall occasions. It's typically a more casual fabric, but a festive color could do well and holiday parties. Black cashmere, when combined with certain pieces of jewelry or other accessories, could even make its way into some semi-formal ensembles.

Regardless of when and where you choose to enjoy this fabric, we will make sure your vest fits perfectly for you and for the occasion. Simply choose the fabric you like and begin the ordering process. We will take your measurements and make a garment that is truly the best fit possible.