Brocade Vests

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Brocade has an interesting history, but it is also very much a fabric of right now. It will always evoke the opulence and nobility of the medieval times when it was developed, but now it's a favored by people from every walk of life who want to add a textural and visual accent to their outfits.

You are going to reach for these shimmering fabrics first on occasions when you need to make a major impact. Metallic strands interweave with supplement the rich, dense weave of the base fabric, shimmering and sparkling as they catch the light. You can fascinate a crowd or captivate the attention of your dinner partner with this scintillating effect.

You don't have to rush to the spotlight with brocade. You could get a black-on-black or cream-on-cream fabric for a subtler effect: any combination where are the base and supplemental color are the same. You could also opt for less-embellished fabrics that have a similar effect to a pinstripe weave or dupioni silk. There are many different ways to incorporate these luxurious materials into your wardrobe.

Subtle or splashy? The choice is up to you. Simply select your fabric and we will tailor it to your exact measurements.