Vests by Fabric

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We've traveled all over the world to make sure our range of fabrics leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. In fact, we think that looking through our catalog will introduce you to some new ideas and stimulate your imagination.

Whether it's crafted from denim or silk brocade, each vest is custom-made. When you order, you choose a size — but we will immediately contact you to get your measurements. If you have no idea how to measure yourself for a vest, don't worry. We have helped many people through the process and we have confidence that your vest will fit you perfectly.

Many of these fabrics are available in every style we offer, even in our big and tall or relaxed sizes. We have plenty of suggestions in are categories, but, in the end, it's up to you and your own sense of style. We have formal velvet, silk and tapestry material that will complement any evening look you are putting together. We also have faux suede, tweed, cotton and wool twills for more relaxed occasions.

If seeing our entire library fabrics at once is a little too much, we would recommend going over to the men's or women's sections. You can find all of these fabrics their neatly organized with our suggested styles for each.

Any Fabric, Any Style, Any Size!