Vests by Color

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The rainbow has nothing on our selection of colors. We have almost any neutral, earth tone, jewel tone, bold, pastel, metallic and aqua you can think of, as well as much more.

These vests are meant to be worn, not just looked at in a photograph. That's why, especially to understand our more visually complex fabrics, you'll have to exercise your imagination a little bit. How will it look when worn with other colors? How will it change when the light changes — will it sparkle, or will the contrasting shades stand out to grab the attention of people around you?

We invite you to imagine yourself wearing these fabulous textiles that we have traveled the entire world to collect. When a particularly unique fabric catches your eye, feel free to reach out and ask us what it's like to hold it in your hands.

Sometimes, even our solid colors have a great deal of depth and interest to them. This may come from the material itself, such as shimmering dress silk or crisp dupioni, or else from some embellishments the artisan made in the weave or finishing, such as printing, embroidery or brocade. We have everything from multi-colored weaves to plain beige raw silks: There is a unique and wonderful fabric waiting for you here in our catalog.

Any Fabric, Any Style, Any Size!