Men's Loose Fit Vests

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Let loose — you deserve it. There are plenty of ways to relax, having fun with your family, sitting down with a book by the fire or ranging on a long walk through the countryside. Whatever you do in your free time, you will enjoy the versatility, comfort and style of this selection of custom-tailored, loose-fit vests.

We designed these vests to give you extra space as you move around — but we made sure that they still give you the refined, put-together air that you expect. These are more suited for moments of leisure than they are for the ballroom, but they could also come in handy on your casual office days. Simply put, these comfortable, soft and practical pieces are going to hold a special place in your everyday outfits.

Most of the fabrics we have selected for these generously cut vests are medium weight: corduroy, faux suede and denim, for example. They're ready-made to stave off those autumn, spring and winter chills. While we would recommend wearing them closed for a more dignified look, we thoroughly approve of an occasional rakish unbuttoning if you happen to work up a sweat from trekking, chopping wood or any other form of traipse or toil.