Men's Big & Tall Vests

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Our vests are cut from a different cloth, quite literally. We go to great lengths to create the finest, most distinctive fabric selection that we can, all in the interest of giving you the options you need to express your unique personality. There's also another advantage to this process. Since we tailor everything we make to specialized, custom fits, men of greater stature and need look no further than our standard collection for a wide range of casual, formal and occasional vests.

Conventional big-and-tall stores are often forced to operate with a relatively small, seasonal inventory. Our fabric library and custom-crafted approach lets us offer you any vest you need at any time of year. If you need a summer vest for vacation around the winter holidays, we stand ready with creams or light blues in light cottons or seersuckers. If you're heading north in the summer, we have cozy wool twills ready to outfit you for your adventure.

Most of our finest, most popular fabrics are available in big-and-tall sizes, up to 7XL. No alterations are made except the size: You get the same liners, stitch work and exquisite details that go into our smaller sizes. Simply choose the fabric that fits your outfit and tell us your measurements — we'll make sure you get a vest that makes you feel comfortable and look splendid.