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Looking your best means having options. That is why we've put together a catalog of every vest you'd ever need, for any occasion. Bundle yourself up in an ultra-soft Scottish wool twill or take your place in the spotlight with a shimmering brocade — our entire fabric library is at your disposal.

If you're starting up your collection, we'd suggest at least three alternatives: for casual, evening and holiday events. A good casual option, such as a gray wool herringbone or another classic suit material, should work well at the office and during daytime outings. Your best choices for evening partials typically feature fine fabrics, such as silk dupioni, satin or brocaded weaves. A muted green-and-red plaid gives a subdued sense of festivity during the holidays, or you could make a bigger impact with brilliant whites and bold reds in a variety of textures.

If you feel like you've seen it all, think again. We carry some truly distinctive fabrics, any of which could easily form material for your newest signature vest. Some are favorites, such as our rainbow of high-quality faux suedes, and some are something new to amaze you and your friends, such as regal tapestry fabric. All of our vests are custom made so your vest will truly be made for you.

Search through everything at once, or navigate to the convenient sections to hone in on the exact category you're looking for. We will work with you to make sure you get a vest that makes you look and feel great.

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