Bow Ties

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Few things are as dapper as a smart bow tie. One of those few things is a bow tie that matches a vest perfectly — such as those in our selection here. We have picked from some of our most popular formalwear options to give you this index of fine pre-tied ties.

With our pre-tied accessories, the obvious benefit is that you do not have to struggle with your neckwear in order to look debonair. As many of the occasions in which you are most likely to wear these ties happen to be hectic — weddings, for example — we think you will find this small convenience extremely helpful. The benefit is that you can choose a fabric that matches your vest completely.

We make these bow ties out of much of the cloth in our inventory. This allows you to get a coordinated effect for the variety of formal and casual looks. Of course, there's no law of fashion that says you must use the same material for your bow tie and your vest. In fact, complementary effects can often be just as effective as matching.

Look through our inventory of vests to get an idea of what we have to offer —and bring your imagination along. We are standing by to take your order once you've made your decision, so don't hesitate to contact us any time.

Men's Pre-Tied Bow Ties