About Vested Interests

Retiring after a thirty-year career in education, I decided to turn my energy and enthusiasm to a pursuit of a life long fascination with fabrics, textures and clothing designs. I created a small selection of tapestry vests, which I displayed at a local craft show in San Diego in the fall of 1995. These were greeted with enthusiasm so I was off and running.

About that time my husband retired so we did a great deal of traveling. Wherever we went I set aside time to visit local fabric shops in search of unusual high quality materials. These efforts have resulted in wide selections of tapestries, a collection of silks and brocades from Thailand and China, cottons from India and southern France, woolens from the northwestern U.S. and Canada and native fabrics from Mexico and South America.

At a time when much of our clothing is manufactured overseas, my vests and accessories are all hand crafted here. Infinite care goes into every tailoring detail. Fabrics are of the finest quality and buttons are individually selected to complement each garment. My goal is to produce a finished product that will give you the same measure of pride and gratification each time you wear it, as I enjoyed designing and making it. I believe that my vests and accessories will enhance your attire whether for business, casual, or dressy wear. All reasonably priced.