vest-2A custom made vest has its own mysterious power of suggestion as it is casually viewed under an open jacket –worn by that special man.

Of course, you must have this Red and Black Plaid Christmas Vest for your loved one!  To take the mystery even further, how do you get measurements from your special person to be sure the vest fits his or her gorgeous body — and keep it a secret?

Christmas LadyWe’ve had our dear inventive customers create all sorts of schemes involving late evening private dinners (with wine), help from a family friend under some obtuse ruse, or just an open direct gathering of data to “keep on file” for miscellaneous clothing gift purchases.  You probably have your own creative way to accomplish this task. (please share)!

At any rate, it’s a challenge —   but we have to have measurements.  Be as sneaky as you can be but don’t leave your loved one disappointed.  The mission may be daunting, but we know you can do it!

To help you select that special vest, we have two special sections, one devoted to Christmas Vests for Men and one for Christmas Vests for Women.


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