How to Make Sure Your Vest Fits YOU!

How to Measure Yourself


Below are instructions and illustrations for  how to measure for both men and women.



  • 1. Chest:   Wrap a measuring tape securely around your chest right below the                     nipples.
  • 2.    Middle (fullest part) :  Wrap a tape.  Note that I didn’t say ,  where you                 wear your belt!
  • 3.  Length in center back:  Have someone hold the tape from the base of your   collar vertically down to where the bottom of the vest will be.  This length varies with each person depending on the length desired.
  • 4.   How tall are you?   This gives me a general picture of the length needed.


  • 1.  Bust:  With bra on, wrap the tape around the fullest part of bust.
  • 2. Waist: Wrap a tape around your waist.
  • 3. Length in center back:  Same as for men.  The length desired is a big issue .
  • 4. How TALL are you?

Once I have this information, I’m closer to CUSTOMIZING the vest so that it will fit you. See note below:


It helps to talk to you, (or chat by email) as to other factors affecting the fit —-such as, “I don’t like a tight fit!”  or,      “I want this extra long to cover my —-.”       “Make this snug as I’m on a diet and am going to lose a few pounds.”   Communication is key to getting the desired finished product.

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9 Responses to How to Make Sure Your Vest Fits YOU!

  1. Thomas says:

    Dear Sirs

    I’m very interested in buying one of your beautiful Loose Fit Copper Brown Faux Suede vests.

    Do you ship to Switzerland, Europe?


    Thomas Jaeger

  2. Vickie Kidd says:

    I am interested in a vest that fits but is not too tight. My measurements are
    36 Bust
    29 to 30 Waist
    20 to 21 Length
    I am 5’1″ tall

    • Charlotte says:

      I’m a little late in responding to you question but not being too computer wise, I didn’t know you asked. the answer is that after you find a vest you like, I ask for your measurements and perhaps send you some “try on” vests in your size range just to pin in,make comments and then return to me. Then, I know what you really want.. Charlotte

  3. Hugh says:

    I am interested in having 4 (four) vests made of the same material from a different source. The fabric is “fireworks in the evening” available from I would like to use the silk crepe de chine ($38/yard). We need the vests by August 20. Is this something you’d want to do. If so, at what cost. We also need matching bow ties and pocket squares.

  4. Sally Havens says:

    Will you make a mans vest in a plaid tartan wool fabric on all outer sides and lined in silk with brass buttons?fabric provided in yardage you require,I would provide measurements . What would your approximate price be?ss

  5. John Snow says:

    Charlotte – Well I’m ordering my third vest. My measurements are still – 46.5 inches around chest, 45.5 around largest part of torso and 24.5 from collar to waist. I assume I’m still an XL ? Want to get a loose fit faux suede. Let me know and I’ll get the order placed.
    John Snow

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