Does a Vest Make Me Look Slimmer?

Mens Loose Fit Copper Faux Suede

Mens Loose Fit Copper Faux Suede


Navy Blue Wool 14G


The holidays are now behind us and it seems we all struggle with the same issue — especially as we get “more mature”.  We try to be careful about our calorie intake and yet… after all, compromises must be made to keep with the spirit of the holidays! Holidays are for fun!

Bottom line: it helps to choose clothes that cover up the mid section.  

Vests are the best solution because you can wear them unbuttoned so that they gracefully drape the midsection (where we are vulnerable), or simply choose a looser style (as in our Men’s Loose Fit).  Our Ladies Longer Vests flow gracefully along vertical lines down to the hip.

The goal is to look your best and we can help you achieve that goal.

All of our vests are custom made to fit YOU –Here are some suggestions.

Blue Black Flowers Brocade Longer V NeckTan, White & Gold Tapestry Ladies Vest

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